Nice to Meet you! My First Post.

Hi there, I’m so happy to write my first blog post for my brand new author website! I think this is the best opportunity to lay the groundwork for what types (genres) of posts you can expect from me on here. This platform serves mostly to educate and promote my third child -my novel “Memphis”, HOWEVER it will be a secondary writing outlet for me to discuss women’s issues that I care about deeply.

Not just the sad stuff, but some RAD stuff as well! Expect posts on women’s issues, parenting, single motherhood, following your dreams and the power of visualization and intent. Finally, in my true style and fashion, expect some pretty sweet posts about the 70’s and 80’s era’s including flashbacks along with mentions of my favorite band ever -Fleetwood Mac.

So yea, it will be all over the place in terms of topics but if you like what you’re reading so far, you’ll love my book “Memphis” that includes all of the above. Please comment and offer feedback of any sort as I’m just starting out and value your opinion and individual requests.

Much love,

Holly May.

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