Old + New Melodies

Music Monday: Wheel in the Sky, Journey

A classic from 1978 (circa: my novel Memphis), Wheel in the Sky by Journey is such a cool track. It’s one of the more philosophical Journey songs, telling the story of man trying desperately to return to his home. The verse lyrics are rather hazy, but the chorus offers an accessible metaphor for how life…

Music Monday: Stand by Your Man, Tammy Wynette

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a song for Music Monday – I’ve decided to only post these on the last Monday of the month going forward. Life gets busy and I’m also curating content on topics of importance to readers of Memphis; music, domestic violence and alcoholism, among others. The songs posted previously…

Music Monday: One of the Nights, The Eagles

This is another song featured within my novel Memphis. No spoilers here -I’ll just say it’s in the book and leave it at that. This came out in 1977 the year my novel takes place in and years before my birth. My father is a guitarist so my childhood home always had classic rock roaring…

Music Monday: Dreams, Fleetwood Mac

This week’s Music Monday is all about “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Memphis idolizes Stevie Nicks and challenges her abusive husband early on in the story to sing this very song. I’m a huge fan of this legendary band and especially Stevie Nicks herself. This song is one of their mainstream hit songs and one of…

Nice to Meet you! My First Post.

Hi there, I’m so happy to write my first blog post for my brand new author website! I think this is the best opportunity to lay the groundwork for what types (genres) of posts you can expect from me on here. This platform serves mostly to educate and promote my third child -my novel “Memphis”,…

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