3 Ways Covid-19 is Great for our Creativity

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It’s been some time since I wrote my first blog post here back in November 2019. I’ve been busy; between my full time job, moonlighting as a writer (second draft is complete) and parenting my two princesses, it’s been hard to find time for anything else. Until recently.

On March 11th, Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. That was on a Wednesday. By Monday of the following week, my workplace ordered us all to pack up our computers and work from home until further notice to help slow the spread of this deadly respiratory virus. A wave of emotions ran through me; worry, fear, anxiety and a tiny bit of relief during this highly stressful time. The bright side of this situation was that I could get a rest period of sorts.

With this quarantine order, I would get a few weeks to work on my own schedule; to not have to worry about packing three lunches each night after cooking dinner or obsessing over how my hair looked, no need to apply makeup every morning either, I could bask in my natural beauty and let my skin breath! Coordinating my business attire would also go out the window. I always left this task for the morning of, even though I knew it would be better to do it the night before but I had to pack all those lunches and needed a minute to decompress before bedtime.

Don’t forget dropping my two daughters off at two different schools every morning and then commuting to my office to find a parking space and fetch my lunch, laptop and purse through the parking garage was yet another task I was happy to dismiss from my new routine. All these things out the window -at least for the time being has got me thinking -how have I been able to write the second draft of my book “Memphis” effortlessly without taking time away from my full time job? I’ve compiled a list below explaining how my mind has gotten clearer while my priorities are still being met.

Here’s 3 ways Covid-19 is Great for our Creativity

  1. Boredom breeds Introspection. With global stay at home orders or strict lockdowns in place across the world, we have time on our hands we didn’t have before -allowing us some introspection.

  2. Time. We simply have more time to explore our passions -subconsciously releasing our creative juices. With more time and bricks and mortar shops closed, I have been partaking in online shopping -my newest purchase? A Keyboard Piano and a Bluetooth microphone for me and my youngest daughter to learn to play -my eldest just wants to sing.

  3. Less disruption. Sure having two kids home with me constantly can bring more disruption but I’m lucky that they are well behaved (most of the time), at an age where their self sufficient and have each other to play with. If I was in an office setting -I’d have catch ups with colleagues around the office. And if it was typical work from home day -before all this happened, I’d have to stop whatever I was doing and pick up the girls from school. I don’t have to go anywhere nowadays.

Creativity is a Wild Mind and a Disciplined Eye


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